RE-Incense Coulours of Life Super Sticks

RE-Incense Coulours of Life Super Sticks

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It is also believed to have the power to take you from this world to the

DRAGON’S BLOOD – Green                                                        It can be used to enhance spells for protection, exorcisms, and Love. 


Clear your new house, burn Sandalwood before you move in or begin your

HIDDEN WITHIN – hand made

This is indeed a very special incense, hand rolled and encompassing a variety of exotic and rare oils that lead the aspirant deep within to experience their true nature.

The incense is named hidden within for a very good reason, this incense needs to be lit before you can enjoy the fragrances that are secreted away in its heart.

Ideal for those interested in meditation.

* 10 incense sticks per tube

*Approximately 4 hour burn time for each stick

* Dimensions 52 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm